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Monday, 29 October 2018

[Music]: Abadorx - Ladokite wetin we gain

Hintnewz.com bring to you the hottest Jam produced by lautech product about the correct situation of the school.For the fact that he was a graduate of Lautech he has not been deaf to our cry and that is why he came up with this song (ladokite wetin we gain) a cover of Victor AD regardless  to the crisis of increase in tuition fee and constant strike ..His talent got no verge and we ladokite are proud of him,the music says it all.. 

       Listen and download below the mad Jam 
                              DOWNLOAD MUSIC 🎶


  1. It sounds like he is singing about some things he is really passionate about which I think can m ake all the different with a song.

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  4. His ability to attract (or offend) such a wide audience is what helped him become the musical giant that we remember today.
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