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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

what i will do with Abacha loot? -Comedian Alibaba opens up to FG

Entertainer, Ali Baba says he can change the National Theater inside three years if given the Abacha plunder the government need to share to poor Nigerians.

Veteran entertainer and the dad of Stand-up drama in Nigeria, Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere, famously known by his stage name, Ali Baba, has taken to his Instagram page to make a proposition to the President Muhamamdu Buhari-drove government.

The "Wedding Party" on-screen character said that he can change the national auditorium in Lagos inside three years if given the $322 million Abacha plunder the central government is set to share to poor Nigerians.

Composing further, the pro humorist on Wednesday, said he will utilize the cash to transform the national venue in Lagos into a "world class Formula 1 circuit", including that in the wake of putting resources into the venture, he will restore the funding to the legislature.

Alibaba who unveiled that the arranged sharing of the Abacha plunder "won't make Nigeria extraordinary" composed:

"I have a proposition for the government. Rather than (sharing) the Abacha plunder, give me the cash, how about we (change) the National Theater, Lagos, to a world class F1 circuit and make numerous open doors from that place, and in (three) years we can at present give you back this same sum you are going to share.

"Since on the off chance that you share this cash, it will go down the deplete. On the off chance that you offer it to me, I will give it back to you in 3yrs and you can go on and share a similar sum.

"Also, consider it, in the event that it was shared would it be accessible to be shared at this point? About a similar size of land is what is presently a vacation spot in Abu Dhabi… with multi-monetary progression. Sharing the cash won't make Nigeria awesome. It will execute our officially biting the dust economy."

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