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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Poem for APC Broom by -Sheu Sani

Poem for the Broom - Shehu Sani 

The Broom should sweep the litters,the waste and the garbage it encounters and not pluck the eyes of the sweeper. 
The Broom must not be stained with oil or blood for it to sweep so clean. 
The Broom must be Broom and not swords or chains or else it’s not Broom. 
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The Broom should be an assembly of strands to sanitize and not arrows for hunting. 
The Broom should not bare The dirts of foes to the podium and bury that of friends under the carpet. 
The Broom must not sweep away only men who speak and leave behind men with swords. 
The Broom must not remove the cobweb afar and leave untouched the cobwebs a near. 
The Broom can only clean if it’s also clean.

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