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Sunday, 1 July 2018

I Don't have any problem travelling to America -ATIKU

Previous Nigerian Vice President, Atiku Abubakar said he is prepared to go the United States of America, in a meeting with Dele Momodu.

Atiku, who has been not able travel to the United States since he cleared out office in 2007 has proclaimed that he is prepared to visit the North American nation.

He credited his inability to go to America on the Embassy not giving him Visa.

"In the event that America says come today, I will get onto the flight and go there soonest,"

"I connected to America for visa which was not allowed. A man who fears being captured won't go close to the American Embassy, it is basic rationale."

He demands he has no inquiry to reply as respects debasements.

"I have tossed the test over and again that any individual who has any degenerate charges against me should approach.

I never stole government cash. Do you think President Obasanjo would not have uncovered me if there was any such demonstration of taking?"

Agreeing a report by premium circumstances, Mr Abubakar has sold his home in the US., after he isn't permitted to movement to the nation. He said that was because of the reality he never again has any utilization for the house.

A large number of his commentators have said he isn't permitted in America in light of debasement accusations, returning quite a long while.

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