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Friday, 6 July 2018

Comedian Bovi hilariously ask for 5k as RMD celebrates Birthday

Today is performer, Richard Mofe-Damijo's birthday and he turns multi year old. Entertainer, Bovi, took to IG to share a comical story of RMD as he wished him an upbeat birthday.

Read underneath:-

"You can remove the man from warri; yet you can't remove warri from the man. The prevalent significance among humorists is that "RMD no Dey drop" ? "Rmd utilize plier hol him cash" ??, "Rmd na akagum"??? Actually I get terrified to take an interest in light of the fact that in all trustworthiness, he's constantly given me when I ask (on an intense code sha).

So we are back stage at this monstrous occasion. Rmd is extraordinary visitor situated in the front line. ? His passage was proclaimed by an euphoric adulation. The following comic going in front of an audience is De wear and De wear says "na RMD niggardliness I wan discuss today???.

I go complete am"?? I venture in and beg De wear to tone it down yet he's having none of it. So we achieve a center ground. I disclose to De wear that to make the joke sweet, in the wake of yabbing Rmd, he should state "to demonstrate say Rmd miserly, brothers give me five thousand naira." ?. Rmd will then continue to give him the cash to demonstrate De wear wrong.??.

We sneak to Rmd ?? in the gathering of people and let him in on the arrangement. We really wiped up the 5k and offered it to him. All he needed to do was hand it back amid the demonstration.

Phew!!! I figure you know how this finishes. De wear gets in front of an audience and rushes the group of onlookers on the unbelievable tight clench hand ?? of Rmd. Also, to sign out on a high, he goes to Rmd as arranged and challenges him to demonstrate he's not closefisted by giving him 5k just (our joined 5k to influence d to joke sweet).

The Hall goes calm. In moderate movement, Rmd takes the receiver ? furthermore, to our aggregate loathsomeness, he declares ???"I gree, I niggardly pass on. I no go drop". ??‍????‍????‍??.

What's more, that is how the 5k that we contributed went immediately and inexplicably till this very day?‍???‍??. Brothers you know they say you don't turn down solicitations on your birthday. So Happy birthday brothers @mofedamijo yet I take God beseech you, free our 5k. ?? ??????"

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