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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Popular Actor, Afolayan Speaks On Being Gay, Actors Living Flamboyant Life

Well known on-screen artist , Aremu Afolayan has said most performing artists that live colorful life don't profit through the specialty.

This is coming when Pascal Atuma said you must be a whore to make it in the motion picture industry.

Afolayan talking with Punch said most on-screen characters driving huge autos in all likelihood got their cash from persuasive individuals and different means.

He stated, "Incidentally, I carry on with my life, individuals tend to believe that I am the most extravagant Yoruba on-screen character, yet that is a lie. Nigerians accept a considerable measure.

I live in a leased loft since I can't bear to fabricate one. When they see me purchase another auto, they don't know whether I paid for the auto in portions; rather they call me a major kid.

What sort of huge kid lives on N50,000 or N100,000 salary per film as a performing artist? I challenge any Nigerian on-screen character that is living overwhelming to state how they profited in light of the fact that I am certain it isn't from the films they make.

"I am discussing both the English and Yoruba on-screen characters. In the event that they like, they can state they make N5m per film, they can't bear to assemble or purchase a house at Lekki or Victoria Island or Ikoyi. It is unthinkable. They should get out mathematicians to make sense of it.

It is a lie. It is on account of they meet some persuasive individuals that give them organizations or they have side organizations.

"Since we don't all meet such individuals or profit they make through these individuals, we simply must be content with what we have. In my life, I have never observed an 'informed ignorant' nation like Nigeria.

Nigerians are exceptionally naïve with regards to judging other individuals' way of life since they don't know anything, they expect. At that point web based life came and it exacerbated the situation."

Talking further, Afolayan tended to reports making the rounds that he was gay after a photo of him pecking a man surfaced on the web.

"I went to a store with a companion to get a wristwatch I had been paying for in portions. My companion was taking pictures when I revealed to him that we should cause inconvenience via web-based networking media with a photo of me pecking him.

"When I posted the photo, it became a web sensation inside 15 minutes. Truth be told, we were still in the store when the photo turned into a web sensation. I was stunned that Nigerians would even imagine I am gay since I adore ladies.

"Anyone can be gay and I intend no lack of regard to them however with respect to me, the photo was simply improved the situation attention stunt. I never knew it would become a web sensation that quick.

"Individuals call me a playboy; why I don't have cash? I know many individuals that are playboys and they are doing fine.

In the event that they say I am an on-screen character and escort, for what reason would I need to pitch an auto so as to manage the cost of another auto? I don't need to persuade anybody; when I realize that toward the day's end, I would not squander my chance persuading you about anything.

You can consider anything you like however I am not here to persuade anybody," Afolayan included.

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