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Thursday, 28 June 2018

“I Am Obviously the Only Genuine Prophet Left In Nigeria” – Daddy Freeze

The questionable OAP Daddy Freeze took to Instagram to share a long post which will no uncertainty raise more discussion as in addition to other things.

He expressed that Nigeria has just gotten 'more terrible' since the commencement of Nathaniel Bassey's HallelujahChallenge.

Read beneath


I anticipated Donald Trump's win, Miracle's win, I likewise anticipated that that we won't lift a trophy in Russia as far back as April, in an arrangement of viral tweets crosswise over most online journals, see the way Argentina beat us the way they beat thieves.😂

Every one of my expectations were met with antagonistic vibe yet I wasn't moved. Be that as it may, one forecast of mine conveyed such a great amount of trouble to me, since it was something we could have maintained a strategic distance from.

In November 2017, I anticipated that Nigeria will surpass India as the nation with the a great many people living in extraordinary neediness. Not exclusively did I foresee this, I offered a consistent arrangement, arguing that each Nigerian should mean to expel somebody poorer than them from neediness, with a part of their pay. @judeengees was the main superstar that took an interest in the test.

Rather than following this coherent line of thinking, a great many people wanted to take an interest in the #HallelujahChallenge, which since it began, Nigeria has just deteriorated.

By what means can a man who has faith in tithing which puts you under the revile as clarified in Galatians 3:10 which discloses to us that we are under a revile in the event that we obey one a player in the law, without complying with the whole 613 laws of moses.

The Bible additionally reveals to us that on the off chance that we comply with the law specifically, we are removed from Christ and we tumble from the beauty of God.(Galatians5:4)

For what reason did individuals tune in to ministers who had no reputation of a fruitful expectation, ministers who failed to understand the situation, more than once? The appropriate response is basic, they were just satisfying an age long scriptural prescience.

◄ 2 Timothy 4:3 ►

New Living Translation.

For a period is coming when individuals will never again tune in to sound and healthy educating. They will take after their own particular wants and will search for instructors who will disclose to them whatever their tingling ears need to hear.

What I was stating, in spite of it being the demonstrated truth each time, did not stimulate their ears the way the lying words from the mouths of scripturally unlettered prophets did.

By the day's end, the yoruba saying which goes "Ooto oro, omo iya isokuso" has been ended up being valid! ~FRZ

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