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Thursday, 28 June 2018

I am done with Christianity-Kemi Olunloye converts to Islam (Her reason will shock you)

Disputable Nigerian Investigative columnist, Kemi Olunloyo has uncovered via web-based networking media that she is presently a Muslim.

See her post and photographs beneath…

I'm changing over to #Islam soon. My grandmother kicked the bucket at 102yo. She'll be pleased with me. I remained with her 3 years from 10-13yo cos my school was nearer to her home.

We supplicated 5 times every day rather than once per week with EVIL PEOPLE, praised bunches of various #Eid and #Ramadan parties.

Islam is the place I can discover PEACE and it's the religion of peace. ��. SWIPE � to see recollections of my father's cherished mother. She brought forth a virtuoso. #hnnkemi #hnnreligion

I trust u individuals acknowledge I went to a Catholic church for my entire life and Catholic school while I was living with my grandmother.

I went to mass March twelfth, 2017 till my life changed when I was dragged out of my home March fourteenth, 2017 by equipped police on requests of the IGP for the benefit of a minister.

The #ptsd I have been doing combating has been disregarded by everybody. I'm finished with Christianity. It has brought me unrest. Any individual who has islamophobia ought to unfollow me, it would be ideal if you Nothing is until the end of time. Islam is the peace I require. THE END!

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