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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Women Use Sand & Ashes In Place Of Sanitary Pad In Borno’- Mama Boko Haram Reveals

Originator of Complete Care and Aid Foundation, Hajiya Aisha Wakil, has uncovered that Boko Haram rebellion has made sterile cushion inaccessible to numerous ladies in agitated Borno State. 

ThisDay reports that Wakil, prevalently called Mama Boko Haram uncovered that numerous ladies who are presently casualties of revolt have turned to utilizing sand and fiery remains set up of clean cushion amid their month to month menstrual cycle. 

"One of the impacts of rebellion is that ladies and young ladies are utilizing sand and fiery debris set up of clean cushion for their menses and this is unhygienic and unfortunate for ladies and young ladies. 

Menstrual cushion is an extravagance for poor ladies in Borno. Weird as it might sound yet poor ladies and young ladies in group and IDP camps are as yet utilizing clothes loaded with sand, or fiery debris as an option for sterile napkins amid their menstrual period, along these lines presenting themselves more to vaginal contaminations."

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