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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Five (5) Reasons Pastor Adeboye is going to Hell 👉 Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze shares five reasons why Pastor Enoch A. Adeboye won't make Heaven after beginning response to minister's tithing statement.These reasons are uncovered in his most recent Youtube video titled: 'Tending to Adeboye's False Claim That You Won't Make Heaven in the event that you don't pay tithe.' 

Alluding to the minister's reference to Mathew 23:23, the pioneer of the free the gullible people development says, "I am will show you what Mathew 23:23, what the whole book really says. Furthermore, I will demonstrate you scripturally why this man can not make paradise." 

The following are his purposes behind saying that the RCCG G.O won't go to paradise: 

1. Driving youngsters adrift — 

Stop utilizes Luke 17:1 - 3 as his Biblical purpose behind why the minister won't make paradise. It says, "Jesus said to his pupils: "Things that reason individuals to bumble will undoubtedly come, yet burden to anybody through whom they come. It would be better for them to be tossed into the ocean with a grindstone tied around their neck than to make one of these little ones lurch. Along these lines, watch yourselves." He includes, "Enoch watch yourself." 

2. Swinging Stone to bread — 

This time, the dubious figure goes to Matthew 4:3 which says, The flirt came to him and stated, "In the event that you are the Son of God, advise these stones to end up bread." 

In his words, "They read their Bible like course books yet they say I'm the one that peruses Bible like content… I read the Bible profoundly and I'll disclose to you." 

In the wake of perusing the verse, Freeze says, "The stones he was discussing are individuals, not stones. Ordinarily in the Bible stones were really people. 

He backs this with a few verses including, "Swinging stones to bread is turning people to cash. On the off chance that you do this, you can not make Heaven. Quit swinging stones to bread. Jesus dismissed the allurement, why are Nigerian G. Os succumbing to this enticement of the fiend." 

3. Subjecting individuals to the scourge of the law 

Stop says the third reason is that "he is subjecting individuals to the scourge of the law by instructing them to pay tithe. There isn't space for tithing in the elegance." 

He proceeds with: "A few people will now come and reveal to you that tithing was under the steady gaze of the law. Gracious yes, it was under the steady gaze of the law however it was additionally before the guarantee and everything before the guarantee is of no outcome to Christianity. 

"Our guarantee with father Abraham began in Genesis 17. In Genesis 16, Abraham had Ishmael. In Genesis 17, when he was 99, Abraham was guaranteed of Issac and his name was changed from Abram to Abraham. 

"Along these lines, whatever Abraham did as Abram in Genesis 14, when he offered tithe to Melchizedek is of no result to Christianity… " 

4. He is an instructor of the law 

As per Freeze, Mathew 23:13 and verse 15 demonstrates that any individual who instructs the law isn't going to paradise. 

5. He resists Jesus 

In Freeze's words, "He resists Jesus and our first ministers and he influences us to obey Malachi. Malachi isn't a Christian verse. how could you defy the book of Acts 4:32."

Is this really true? God forgive us, let's hear your views on it 

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