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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Federal government release 2nd batch of looters list and amount looted (see list)

The Nigerian government has discharged another rundown of pillagers under the past organization. In an announcement made accessible to PoliticsNGR from the Ministry of Information headed by Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Several PDP chieftains were fingered as pillagers under the Goodluck Jonathan Administration. 

The Statement read; 

The Federal Government has said the rundown of affirmed marauders which it discharged before depended on obvious realities, including the sum included, the date the sum being referred to was gathered and from where it was taken. 

Discharging a new rundown of charged thieves, in an announcement issued in Lagos on Sunday, the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, additionally said those griping that the rundown was too short obviously did not comprehend that it was deliberately discharged as a mystery. 

"At the question and answer session where the rundown was discharged, I said it was a glimpse of a larger problem. Evidently, this does not mean anything to individuals whose style is to remark on issues they scarcely comprehend, or just to shoot down anything originating from the administration," he stated, including that the Federal Government has a substantial number of affirmed 

pillagers on its rundown. 

Alhaji Mohammed hammered the PDP for setting out to challenge the Federal Government over an issue that the gathering knows is its shortcoming: Looting of open treasury. 

"What was the PDP expecting when it tested the FG to name the marauders of the general population treasury under the gathering's watch? Did the PDP really trust that the enormous plundering under its supervision was a joke? Did they think it is April Fool?" he questioned. 

The Minister said the PDP's response to the bandits' rundown has demonstrated that its current expression of remorse is a decision prompted act, thought up to mislead clueless Nigerians to vote in favor of the gathering in the 2019 general race, notwithstanding when it has not told the truth on its plundering binge amid its chance in office. 

"The insane and panicky response from the PDP hosts demonstrated that the get-together isn't at all genuine about its arranged statement of regret. Were it not the situation, the gathering would have followed in the strides of one of its pioneers, Senator Ibrahim Mantu, who just claimed up to his part in the gathering's apparatus in the past races and said he had turned another leaf. 

"It is said that a genuine admission is done in quietude with a disposition of atonement. Plainly the PDP does not know this, henceforth its depend on hubris rather than modesty and authentic humility," he said. 

Alhaji Mohammed said the Federal Government will nor be scared nor coerced into quiet, including that it will likewise not rest until the point when every one of the individuals who plundered the general population treasury have been conveyed to equity. 


1. Previous NSA Sambo Dasuki: Based on EFCC examinations and discoveries 

alone (this is alongside the continuous $2.1 billion military hardware 

embarrassment), a sum of N126 billion, over $1.5 billion and 5.5 million 

English Pounds was stolen through his office. A decent number of 

these monies were basically shared to people and organizations with no 

formal contract grants. 

2. Previous Petroleum Resources Minister Dieziani Alison-Madukwe: In only one of the cases the EFCC is researching including her, about N23 billion is affirmed to have been stolen. She is additionally engaged with the Strategic Alliance Contracts of the NNPC, where the organizations of Jide Omokore and Kola Aluko got oil pieces yet never paid government charges and sovereignty. About $3 billion was included. The Federal Government is charging Omokore and Aluko and will utilize every legitimate instrument nearby and global to guarantee equity. 

3. Rtd. Lt.- Gen. Kenneth Minimah: N13.9 billion. N4.8 billion recuperated by EFCC in real money and property 

4. Lt.- Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika: N4.5 billion. N29m recuperated by the EFCC up until now. 

5. Alex Barde, previous Chief of Defense Staff: N8 billion, and EFCC recuperated nearly N4 billion in real money and property as of now. 

6. Inde Dikko: previous CG Customs: N40 billion, and N1.1 billion in trade recuperated out money and decision properties. 

7. Air Marshal Adesola Amosun: N21.4 billion. N2.8 billion recuperated in real money. 28 properties and 3 vehicles likewise recuperated. 

8. Congressperson Bala Abdulkadir, previous FCT Minister: N5 billion. Interval relinquishment arrange on some property secured. 

9. Representative Stella Oduah: N9.8 billion. Between time relinquishment arrange on some property secured. 

10. Previous Niger State Governor Babangida Aliyu: N1.6 billion – from NSA. 

11. Representative Jonah Jang, previous Plateau State Governor: N12.5 billion. 

12. Bashir Yuguda, previous Minister of State for Finance: N1.5 billion. 

$829,800 recouped. 

13. Representative Peter Nwaboshi: N1.5 billion 

14. Aliyu Usman: Former NSA Dasuki's helper: N512 million 

15. Ahmad Idris: Former NSA Dasuki's PA: N1.5 billion 

16. Rasheed Ladoja: Former Oyo Governor: N500 million 

17. Tom Ikimi: N300 million 

18. Femi Fani-Kayode: N866 million 

19. Hassan Tukur, previous PPS to President Goodluck: $1.7 million 

20. Nenadi Usman: N1.5 billion 

21. Benedicta Iroha: N1.7 billion 

22. Aliyu Usman Jawaz: Close partner of previous NSA Dasuki: N882 million 

23. Jonah Jang, previous Plateau State Governor: N12.5 billion 

24 Godknows Igali: Over N7 billion

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