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Monday, 23 April 2018

Charly Boy blast president Buhari son over "Nigeria Lazy youth comment "

On Wednesday, April 18, President Muhammdau Buhari has created an impression that produced a tremendous response from Nigerians particularly among the adolescent. 

Amid a meeting in the United Kingdom, the president had created an impression that inferred Nigerian young people are lethargic. 

The president has asserted that the adolescent in the nation decline to attempt endeavors to succeed in light of the fact that they rely upon raw petroleum being delivered in Nigeria. 

This announcement did not sit well with numerous Nigerians who took to online networking to express their mistake about the announcement. Nigerian vocalist lyricist Charlyboy has additionally made his aims about the sluggish Nigerian remark known. 

Charlyboy as of late shared a post on his Twitter timetable, depicting President Buhari's child, Yusuf, as an apathetic individual. In his post, Charlyboy expressed that Yusuf is a jobless man who live sin a free house and eat free sustenance. 

He expressed: "This is Yusuf. He doesn't prefer to work. He remains in a free house, eats free nourishment and rides a power bicycle throughout the day. 

On the off chance that he has a cerebral pain, he flies a contracted or presidential plane to a portion of the finest doctor's facilities to treat himself for nothing. He is an apathetic Nigerian.Don't be likehim."

Here is what Charly BOY posted on Twitter 

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