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Saturday, 31 March 2018

When the right time comes, i will take the step :-Sean tizzle speaks on his marriage in an interview and more

Artist Sean Tizzle has expressed that he doesn't have time for marriage yet. 

In his meeting with Saturday Beats sean said; 

"For me, marriage isn't about cash or age. I need to take as much time as necessary; it is an individual issue. Why I am not prepared for marriage won't not be beneficial for you or others, but rather it is my own choice. At the point when the time is correct, I will make the stride. With respect to now, I am not prepared for marriage." 

On turning into a child daddy, he said; 

"With the introduction of my little girl, Ayomide, I have an inclination that I am living for a reason now. Presently, I want to be more engaged and capable; being a father is really a sweet affair. Yet, it doesn't mean it is alright to have a child when you are not prepared for the duty that accompanies it." 

On his music never again being prominent among audience members; 

"I think it is crafted by the media to pass data to individuals. I genuinely don't have a response to specific things throughout everyday life. I completed a considerable measure a year ago. I dropped an EP a year ago, which has seven tracks and I completed two or three recordings. About seven days prior, I discharged Belinda and I intend to drop another melody soon. 

"However, I was voyaging a considerable measure a year ago in light of the fact that I had an infant and I should have been there for my little girl and the mother."

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