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Monday, 26 March 2018

OMG Tboss father lay curse on his own daughter ?👉 See what he posted

unique post-mortem result TBoss' dad, Engr Idowu Vincent, has laid a revile on any man that weds the ex-Big Brother Naija housemate. The man who as of late remarried another spouse throughout the end of the week affirmed that he was relinquished by his girl Tboss, and her kin.

 He composed on Instagram: "When predetermination favors somebody, he overlooks that there is life somewhere else. In the event that I resemble a broiled goat on my big day, that is cool yet that essayist will soon turn into an occupant of a subcity where individuals with separated appendages, broken bones, removals, stinking visually impaired and faltering dwell. THIS IS A PROMISE.

I carry on with an unassuming, private life and did not personal TBoss or any of her kin of my arrangement to remarry as per my convention/custom. Besides, I didn't make open or post anything about my marriage. I am beginning a fresh start and clearing the slate of all the wrong choices I made in my life. I simply need to overlook Tokunbor (TBoss) and her kin and begin life once again for all its value.

 In the event that and wherever Tboss and any of her kin gets hitched, it should be without my favors and hardship unto the man or the lady who weds any of them. So might it be by the power vested on me by God Almighty". He had before reacted to a faultfinder who said that he resembled a simmered goat on his big day:

"Normally, I truly wouldn't care to make any remark here knowing how trivial and preposterous most Nigerians are. I am neither a government official, a business investor nor cash ritualist. I am only a modest, agreeable old man. There was never a period I boasted about my riches. Furthermore, I have been a dedicated and legitimate government employee all my life. Things being what they are, are Nigerians praising riches or trustworthiness? I am glad that I served my nation loyally and with trustworthiness. I never took one kobo influence as a Civil Servant and as an instructor I never took one Kobo for blocking. Those Nigerians sneering at my straightforwardness should cover their heads with disgrace. TBoss and her kin have their lives and positively without me.

 I never approached TBoss for one Kobo and I have never observed Wendy for more than 13years however she visits Nigeria frequently in the previous 10yrs from Romania. The last time I saw Tokunbor(TBoss) was in August 2016. Their mom left me on great grounds in 2006. Indeed, even God discovered that it was not legitimate for man ( Adam) to live alone so He made Eve to be Adam's partner.

In this way, what's wrong in having a dedicated and understanding friend as spouse even at my age.

Is this really worth it to lay curse on his own daughter?

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