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Saturday, 3 February 2018


Thirteen states have not paid their instructors some for whatever length of time that 28 months, Nigeria Union Teachers (NUT) uncovered this. 

Osun finish the rundown with 28 months took after by Nasarawa, 26, Kogi 25, Benue 12 and Ekiti nine months. 

NUT President, Comrade Alogba Olukoya, uncovered this at the association's 2018 yearly assembling. He said the association is arranging reports from over the states previously setting out on the strike. He included that both essential and optional teachers are influenced. 

"When we get give an account of compensation, on the off chance that it isn't empowering we will set out on strike. The following is the condition of rots in our schools' labs and libraries," he said. 

Olukoya spoke to the states to pay or start to see the anger of the Nigerian educators. He, be that as it may, said Benue state will be pardoned from the strike in view of the security challenges influencing the state right now. 

He said the association has gotten confirmation from the state government that the remarkable pay rates will be paid soon. 

The association in any case, upbraided the activity of Kaduna state government for sacking instructors and order to stop conclusion of verify contribution for exchange associations. 

The quantity of educators influenced in the 13 states were said to be in regards to 300,000. The NUT couldn't give the sum owed educators saying it has no record of that right now. 

Look at the rundown of the states and the month they are owing instructors underneath… . 

1: Osun State; 28 Months 

2: Nasaraw State; 26 Months 

3: Kogi State; 25 Months 

4: Benue State; 12 Months 

5: Ekiti State; 9 Months 

6: Bayelsa State; 7 Months 

7: Taraba State; 6 Months 

8: Abia State; 5 Months 

9: Kaduna State; 5 Months 

10: Ondo State; 4 Months 

11: Kwara State; 2 Months 

12: Delta State; 2 Months 

13: Oyo State; 1 Month

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