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Monday, 29 January 2018

The 5 major changes on BBNaija you should know about.

Here are five noteworthy changes on Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala you should think about. 

The third period of Big Brother Naija has commenced with some significant changes that recognizes it from the past seasons. 

Heartbeat Movies has assembled five noteworthy changes you should think about. 

1. There is currently an extraordinary seat for the Head of House 

The Head of House, a position which exempts a housemate from expulsion for seven days, is such a major ordeal. 

To recognize them from alternate housemates, the position now accompanies an extraordinary seat, hued green. 

The government Naija season 3 reactionsplay 

The government Naija season 3 

2. Watchers can win the Head of House seat and one million naira week by week 

The government is giving every one of the watchers a chance to win the HOH seat and a million Naira consistently. 

Likewise, watchers can take an interest on the show through the Big Brother mystery assignment, which enables them to plan with Big Brother and give the Housemates Secret Tasks each week. 

3. There's a phone in the house 

Out of the blue, there's a phone in the house, and it will just ring on Big Brother's order. 

After Big Brother has picked the best undertaking recommended by watchers, he conveys the news to the housemates through the house telephone. 

Just a single housemate can pick up the telephone at once however, the housemates may on the whole choose to cease from replying by any stretch of the imagination. 

4. Decent variety in choice process 

The housemates were partitioned and presented in gatherings, for example, the scholarly people, the business visionaries, the novices, and the performers. 

This new season accompanies an assortment that guarantees to energize. 

5. The significance of the "Twofold Wahala" subject 

Similarly as the title infers, there would be twofold diversion, twofold wahala, and twofold ousting. 

The housemates will be combined, and this implies in the event that one housemate gets ousted, his or her accomplice leaves as well. On the off chance that a housemate gets a reward or discipline, the accomplice will likewise be in a bad way. 

The third period of Big Brother Naija appear, which commenced on January 28, 2018, will keep running for 85 days.

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