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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Muslims demand for there own New Year date ? 😂 😱 See the date choosed and what they said about jan1

A Nigerian Muslim gathering have turned out to interest for their own new year occasion as they assert the January 1 is for the bogus divine force of Rome. Muslims in Nigeria have requested for their own likeness January 1, which is the start of the year. .
An announcement marked by Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, peruses to some extent: As common and since pilgrim days into Nigeria's post-freedom period, the Federal Government proclaimed today, first January 2018, as an open occasion. The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) watches that the present occasion completely united the two-day Christmas occasion and empowered Nigerian Christians to commence the 2018 Christo-Western Gregorian schedule. In any case, cognizant Nigerian Muslims, especially partners in the welfare of Muslims and additionally the development and advancement of Islam in Nigeria, moved toward the present occasion with blended sentiments. Our sentiment minimization emerges from the truth of the Nigerian circumstance which has adapted Muslims in the nation for religious isolation and subjected them to profound politically-sanctioned racial segregation. Here we are today, getting a charge out of January first occasion which was pronounced by the Federal Government (FG) of Nigeria in acknowledgment of the Christo-Western Gregorian timetable.
Be that as it may, the same FG which perceives this Christian date-book is yet to announce first Muharram an open occasion in acknowledgment of the Islamic logbook in spite of a few petitions and requests to it going back to the 60s. Shockingly, a few people still gripe that Nigeria is Islamised! Why is FG conceding occasion for a bogus divine force of Rome and denying same for Allah the Creator of all things (Qur'an 2:29), the Judge of all Judges (95:8), Master of all experts (51:58) and the King of Kings (3:26). Research uncovers that first January is out of appreciation for Janus, the Roman divine force of doors whom the Romans accepted shielded them from attacks. This is an indisputable certainty. For what reason should FG drive us to worship the bogus divine force of Rome? .
MURIC charges FG to drop its pioneer attire and to wear a really nationalistic character. For Nigerian Muslims to feel a feeling of having a place, FG should close the hole amongst Christians and Muslims.
Is this the right call to action? Let's here from you


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