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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Updated: Unlimited Data Cheat For Airtel Free Browsing 2017

Here is an update to Airtel NG 2017 free browsing cheats which was blazing hot in early May this year but unfortunately, it got blocked then stop working. But today I'm happy to bring it to your notice that Airtel Free Browsing is back and better.

Latest Airtel free browsing cheat

The New Airtel 2017 unlimited data cheat is currently working as at the time of writing this post, you would get up to 800GB of data by continue dialing a particular ussd command on your mobile phone to make it unlimited.

NOTE: Before you try this airtel free browsing cheat; make sure you are on “Airtel Smart Trybe Junior” and if you are on other tariff plan then try and migrate to smartTrybe Jr, once the migration is successful then check out the next step below;

Now that you are on Airtel SmartTrybe Jr, what next? To begin, start by dialing a code. Once you dialed this code, you would start getting some huge amount of free unlimited data bundles starting from 1GB, the more you dial the code more free data for you!. In case you don't know a short code for migration, simply dial *317# to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe Jr.

How To Get Airtel 2017 Unlimited Data Cheat

 Turn on the offline mode on your Android device
 Change you phone's date to May 3, 2017
 Turn off the offline mode
 Keep dialling *688*1# for 1GB Unlimited Social Data would keep flowing into your account, the more you dial the more unlimited data is being accumulated, 1GB x..... Up to 800GB worth of data valid for 30days, starting from the day you get yours.

How To Check Airtel Data MB Net Balance
To Check your data balance dial *140#.

If you are not able to use this, here is an alternative for you!

This free browsing tweak a social media data bundles, so it requires some Psi phon tweak for it to power all apps which will be posted here any moment from now, enjoy the latest airtel data bundle cheat. Keep it logged! To avoid saying I need Airtel data codes

Let us know if it's works for you 

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