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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Glo Data Plan Code | Glo Data Bundle Activation codes and prices

Glo Data Plan Code | Glo Data Bundle Activation codes and prices
Glo without any reasonable doubt is the cheapest data plan in Nigeria. With super fast 4G LTE data speed, enjoy fast internet everywhere you go at affordable price. There is nothing better with your smart phone to have a phone with unlimited internet access. As compared to the four (4) network providers in Nigeria,  Globacom offers twice what they offer as regards to internet bundle
glo data plans
Glo Data Plan Details
3G-4G Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeData Volume with BonusValiditySMS to 127USSD Code
N25 DATA PLAN2510MB25MB1 Day32*127*32#
N50 DATA PLAN5015MB40MB1 Day14*127*14#
N100 DATAPLAN10035MB90MB1 Day51*127*51#
N200 DATA PLAN200100MB250MB5 Days56*127*56#
N500 DATA PLAN500800MB2GB10 Days57*127*57#
N1,000 DATA PLAN1,0001.6GB4GB30 Days53*127*53#
N2000 DATA PLAN2,0003.75GB9.5GB30 Days55*127*55#
N2,500 DATA PLAN2,5005GB12.5GB30 Days58*127*58#
N3,000 DATA PLAN3,0006GB15GB30 Days54*127*54#
N4,000 DATA PLAN4,0009.5GB24GB30 Days59*127*59#
N5,000 DATA PLAN5,00012GB30GB30 Days11*127*2#
N8,000 DATA PLAN8,00022GB55GB30 Days12*127*1#
N10,000 DATA PLAN10,00050GB75GB30 Days15*127*11#
N15,000 DATA PLAN15,00080GB120GB30 Days16*127*12#
N18,000 DATA PLAN18,000100GB150GB30 Days17*127*13#
N20,000 DATA PLAN20,000120GB180GB30 Days33*127*33#
 glo monthly data plan

How To Check Glo data balance
SimplyDial *777#, choose the current plan of a subscription, Select Manage data > Data Balance and you willl receive the data plan via SMS OR dial *127*0#.
New Customers would get Double Volume (Existing as of Today, please refer to the tables above).
All Existing Customers who will have continuous subscription of data plans would also continue to enjoy the Double Volume.
There would be a grace period of 3 days to still enjoy the benefits of continuous subscription.
Customers who fail to renew their data plans within 3 Days of the Expiry of their Data Plans would get HALF the Data Volume.
The Benefits of continuous subscription and the volume advantage would be communicated in the standard threshold alerts that go to the customer.
All the other attributes of these plans remain unchanged (i.e Gifting, Sharing etc).

Note :- image from xclusive.com was used in this article 

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