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Friday, 27 October 2017

Cheat On How To Send Unlimitedly Free SMS on MTN Network

Cheat On How To Send Unlimitedly Free SMS on MTN Network.

In our bid of using the mobile network , there are times when we don't have airtime on our line and would love to send an SMS to a loved one but can't actually do that because of the insufficiency of airtime. Actually I have posted some tutorials on how to send free SMS using our androiddevice and other tutorials including how to earn up 15,000 on any network.

Today I'd be giving out this tutorial on how to send free and unlimited SMS on MTN network by just following the simple guides I'd be giving , I know that most people might have seen or used this before but for the sake of people that don't know about it and people that have heard about this but haven't used it , I'd suggest you follow properly.

Can This Cheat Work On All Sims 

Of course no sim card is restricted to it so it's for everyone.

How To Use This Cheat.

Very simple just go to your message in your mobile device open it,
• Type 38708 before the recipient phone number for example 3870808136061905.
• Type in your message and send and you'd receive a message that 0.00 was take from your sim meaning its free.

This is easy as saying jack Robinson so don't be so unkind not to share this to others kindly use the sharing buttons bellow.

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