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Friday, 6 October 2017

Airtel 100 Minutes 1 Hour Free Call Cheat Codes to make Free Unlimited Calls

I’m back with some Airtel Free Call cheat. This is the latest free call cheat on Net. It gives you free minutes to make free calls and it’s up to you whether you want to call your girlfriend or your mum. But, just call to tell me thank you. I’ll appreciate or just drop your thank you here! I don’t know how many of you that have seen it before as its not very new. It’s been under test mode and it’s working on almost all sims I’ve tried it on. It’s a free call cheat with dialing codes so, it n the easiest cheat you can do. Do it and also do it for your friends then invite them over to this site Tell them they’re missing and of course, they’re truly missing. Note ; 100 free minutes = 1hour + 40 free minutes to make calls as you wish That’s a benefit of being a Magic Member. Before others start copying this to their blogs, the magicguys must have finished enjoying it! Don’t tell me it’s not working because it is! How to get Airtel Free 100 Minutes Free Call with these codes This is a codes Cheats, so, it works on all devices Cheat for Android, Java, iPhone, Symbian in Nigeria . Just open your dial pad on your phone and deal these codes. Airtel Free Call Code 1. *337# Airtel Free Call Codes 2. *700# Airtel Free Call Code 3. *700*1# Airtel Free Call Code 3. *700*2# So, did you get the 100 Minutes for free calls? Did it work on your Sim? Alert all friends and family so they can do theirs too! Drop Your Comment

1 comment:

  1. Mr dotun
    I would like to send you my thank you text
    BT I can't because;I did got the 100 mins bt can't call with it